Individual and team winners will be determined according to the scoring formula described below.

Each individual competitor will complete the seven events and receive a ranking against the field according to their performance. An individual’s overall score for the competition will be the sum of these seven individual event rankings. The lower the overall number the better. A team’s composite score will simply be the sum of each of the two individuals' overall scores.

To illustrate, the best lowest possible result for a single competitor is 7 should they finish alone in first place in all seven events (7 x 1 = 7). The lowest possible team score is 21 assuming the two members of the team finished alone in either first or second place for each event (7 scores of 1 plus 7 scores of 2). Overall and age-bracketed results will be posted for both individual and team competitors. In the case of ties, fund raising success will determine the ultimate winner.

So this competition is about team members challenging themselves against the field both by training harder and raising more money. Bring it!


Awards will be given in the following categories:
First Overall Male Team
First Overall Female Team
First Overall Coed Team
First Masters Team
First Overall Male
First Overall Female
First Masters Male
First Masters Female

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