2019 Results

2018 Results

2018 Champions

Overall Male TeamHSC (Aaron Birnbaum & Garrett Birnbaum)
Overall Female Team  Stronger Than a Mutha (Meg Santana & Christine Witte)
Overall Coed TeamBlondes Have More Run (Stephanie Bronson & Dan Stacey
Masters TeamDeal Team Six - Charlie (Matthew Belmont & Benton Wofford)
Overall MaleGarrett Birnbaum
Overall FemaleStephanie Bronson
Masters MaleRon Merritt
Masters FemaleBeverly Rainford

2017 Results

2017 Champions

Overall Male TeamDouble Dragon (Greg Valentine & John Valentine)
Overall Female Team  Twin Towers (Morgan Coriale & Kate Robertson)
Overall Coed TeamTeam Pamlico (Chris Gorman & Ashley Kaiser)
Masters TeamMW One (Michael Adams & Chris Scheurer)
Overall MaleJohn Valentine
Overall FemaleTaryn Huson
Masters MaleMichael Adams
Masters FemaleJessica Anson

2016 Results

2016 Champions

Overall Male TeamCryogenics (John Valentine & Jake Thompson)
Overall Female Team  MVA - II (Carolyn Meade & Meredith Reedy)
Overall Coed TeamTeam Dan (Dan O'Brien & Anji Nussbaumer)
Masters TeamDamn Yankees (Bill Orr & Dave Walker)
Overall MaleJohn Valentine
Overall FemaleAnji Nussbaumer
Masters MaleBill Orr
Masters FemaleBonnie Darrenkamp

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