The Competition

The Heptathlon will consist of 7 events designed to test the speed, agility, strength and endurance of our competitors. Teams of 2 athletes will compete and receive a composite score for their results versus the rest of the field. Overall and age-bracketed winners will be crowned at both the team and individual levels.
  • - Capped at 150 participants
  • - Entry fee of $150 per individual and minimum required fund raise of $1,400 per team
  • - Professionally produced athletic competition, rain or shine
  • - Athletic events designed to be challenging to the serious athlete while remaining approachable for all competitors.
  • - Fund raising excellence can improve a team’s composite score in the competition


Competitors must wear The Charlotte Heptathlon-issued uniform at all times.
Competitors must fasten their Race Bib to the front of their uniform and it must be visible at all times.
Competitors will be assigned a Group and a Number. Competitors will move between stations with their Group and must compete in order according to their Number.
Competitors may use wraps, gloves, grips, chalk, etc. for pull-ups and dips.
Competitors must use proper form as determined by the Station Referee.
Cleats may be worn. Track spikes are prohibited.
Competitors who demonstrate unsportsmanlike character are to be immediately reported to event officials.

The Events

Station 1
1 Mile Run
1 attempt, timed

Station 2
1 attempt, max reps
Pull-Ups (males) /
Chin-Ups (females)
1 attempt, max reps
Vertical Leap
Best of 2 attempts, highest recorded measurement

Station 3
40-Yard Dash
Best of 2 attempts, timed

Station 4
1 attempt, 500 meters or 3 minutes whichever comes first.

Station 5
The 75 Yard Medley
Time, 1 attempt

The Competitors

The Charlotte Heptathlon is open to all men and women who enjoy athletic competition and are passionate about our mission. A majority of our competitors are successful professionals in Charlotte’s financial services industry. This includes senior professionals at commercial banks, investment managers and investment banks, but also participants from local technology and business or professional service firms who serve the financial industry. By channeling the competitive nature of the financial industry’s participants for good, our event seeks to capitalize on the indelible impact this industry has made on the Greater Charlotte region.

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