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2017 Children's Scholarship Fund-Charlotte

$219 K
Amount Donated
$250 K
Campaign Goal
26 Days
Time Left
Progress Towards Goal
Children’s Scholarship Fund-Charlotte is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational options for children (grades K-8) from low-income families residing in Mecklenburg County.

The organization’s purpose is to fund partial tuition assistance to economically disadvantaged children so that they may attend participating partner independent schools which most effectively address their academic, emotional, physical and/or spiritual needs.

Through our support, we believe that children can be taught where and how they best learn which will enable them to reach their highest potential.

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Top Teams Donations Amount
Team Pamlico 25 $7,750
Old But Slow 21 $7,616.67
Salt & Peppa 56 $6,300
Perkis Power 33 $5,260
Ten Baggers 41 $4,515
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